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Storylab Week 14: Writer's Write

Writer’s Write Two articles that I read in Writer’s Write include “6 Tips & Tricks for Writing Scene Transitions” by Mia Botha and “Don’t Commit These 9 Fiction-Writing Crimes” by Alex J. Coyne. I found much guidance after reading these articles, and would want to share a few of those with you. I read the article, “6 Tips & Tricks for Writing Scene Transitions” by Mia Botha. The first tip that I found quite interesting was “Arrive late, leave early” – a slight hint at what might happen. A metaphor “of throwing a grenade and leaving” the reader to know exactly what happened. I have noticed that quite a lot in stories but never could quite put a hand to what the technique was called. Another simple but very strong one was, “Establish where they are” – often sometimes even the small details that may seem like common sense aren’t established. A reader should be able to picture where the characters are at in the moment. 6 Tips & Tricks For Writing Scene Transitions | Write

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